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Impact Interiors was awarded the Top 5 Professional Home Stagers in the country by HSRA for 2016!

As Austin's premier full-service Home Staging provider, we work with Austin and surrounding area Realtors, Builders and Home Owners to create a model home look, giving your property the competitive advantage needed in today's market.

With the use of beautiful furnishings and award-winning designs, we make the first impression a lasting one.


From Our Design Blog

The Power of Red – It’s Back!

The Power of Red Do you wear red when you’re feeling confident and want to make an impression?  The color red makes me feel energized, strong and adventurous. It’s one my favorite go-to color for making a good first impression. In Feng Shui, a red front door means “welcome”.  As the color draws you in, […]

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Keeping Houston Strong – Harvey Recovery Campaign

Keeping Houston Strong Hurricane Harvey made landfall along the Middle Texas Coast in late August, however its devastating impacts are still felt now and will continue for months to come.  Harvey was a truly historic hurricane that Houston just wasn’t prepared for.  And although it’s going to take time to pick up the pieces, we […]

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HSRA Masterminds / Industry Innovator

HSRA Masterminds / Industry Innovator September 2017 Destination Location: Oceanside, CA Why be part of a Mastermind? In the early 1900s, Napoleon Hill introduced the idea of the “Mastermind Alliance” in his classic, “Think and Grow Rich.” He described this as “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward […]

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5 Tips for “Falling” into Fall

5 Tips for “Falling” into Fall The leaves are beginning to turn, pumpkins are all about, and the air has that crisp fresh smell…must be Fall.  It’s definitely my favorite time of the year!  But just in case that’s not enough to motivate you for the upcoming season, here are 5 quick and easy tips […]

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Gullet Living - Detail

How to Avoid a Home Staging Disaster

Remember the show “What not to Wear”? People are “turned in” to the fashion police, so to speak, so they can learn the error of their wardrobe ways. Like the fashion victims on the show, not everyone has an eye for style or good design, and the same can be said for home stagers. So […]

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AIA Home by Minguell-McQary

Urban Luxury Home by Minguell-McQuary Comes to Life With Staging

Staging projects are usually focused on one thing: highlighting and/or improving a property’s appeal. The goal is to transform a space into a welcoming, attractive product that appeals to the highest number of potential buyers. Urban Luxury Home When Amy began staging the “The Art of Living Home”, the Pinnacle of Modern Luxury in East Austin, […]

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