Airbnb Consulting

Earn More for Your Airbnb Property

Brass StreetWhether you are remodeling your vacation property or preparing for a specific guest, we can help transform your property into an attractive vacation rental space by arming you with our Airbnb Consultation and Do-It-Yourself Report that will help you stand out from your competition.

We know how designing and decorating your home Airbnb contributes to its overall presentation, which is very important when your property is also utilized as a “home away from home” or a vacation rental property.

The Process

Impact Interiors specializes in every step of the Airbnb initial set up and staging process.  This service provides an overview. Our Certified Airbnb Staging Expert™ will meet with you to discuss your personal design vision, while providing industry expertise on what guests are looking for in your area.

We will walk through your property while gathering key information based on your guest's first impression. You'll also be given a list of suggested improvements and repairs — based on the owner's finances — as well as insights to help resolve possible objections. The end proposal (complete with a full report) is based on the amount of work necessary, to gain the highest rental dollar amount for your property.

Gullet Bedroom

Why Impact Interiors?

With years of experience in both the Residential Design and Hospitality Interior Design realms, we have a valuable understanding of what is important to both you and your guests. Located in both Houston and Austin, Impact Interiors not only serves the surrounding areas of Central Texas, but also offers Interior Redesign and installation, plus set-up services for Airbnb and vacation homes around the country and world.

Contact us today to discuss Airbnb and Vacation Rental Design, Decorating and/or Remodel services for your property!

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