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The Power of Red – It’s Back!

The Power of Red Do you wear red when you’re feeling confident and want to make an impression?  The color red makes me feel energized, strong and adventurous. It’s one my favorite go-to color for making a good first impression. In Feng Shui,...
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Spring Décor and Trends 2017

While attending the Las Vegas Furniture Market earlier this year, our team of designers were inspired by masses of fabulous designs and top trends for 2017.  We saw tons of pink infused furniture, artwork and accessories.  If you can think it, no matter...
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What RESACON … And Sabrina Soto Have in Common

To professionals at the forefront of the industry, home staging might as well be the Wild Wild West. The growing field is still in its infancy, and with that, new standards are still being developed. It’s trade events like The Real Estate Staging Association®...