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Curtains, Drapes, Window Treatments – What’s the Difference?

A lot of household items appear to be the same thing but often times they are not.  Many people think curtains, drapes and window treatments are the same thing, since they “cover windows”, but there is a difference by definition and the way...
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Fast and Easy Feng Shui Staging Tips that Work!

Feng Shui influences determine how people are going to react; which is so important when it comes to selling a home! The flow of the house, the lack of personal items, even the smell of the home gives the buyer the freedom to picture themselves in that...
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How to Avoid a Home Staging Disaster

Remember the show “What not to Wear”? People are “turned in” to the fashion police, so to speak, so they can learn the error of their wardrobe ways. Like the fashion victims on the show, not everyone has an eye for style or good design, and the...