Color Consulting and More

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Color Consultation Service: A Colorful Expression of You

Color is the foundation in every great design. Our Color Specialists can help set the mood of your entire home that will express your unique personality.

During the consultation, our experts will select a color palette that compliments your home. In just over an hour you will have paint chips in hand for your interior or exterior.

Home Furniture and Decor Shopping

Selecting furniture and accessories to match your home, style and budget can be quite a task. We're here to help. Our experts will create a budget and shop for furniture and/or accessories that will serve as investments in your home and future homes to come. Just a few new pieces can drastically transform a room.

Holiday and Special Events

Do you want to make a party or event fabulously stunning ... using what you already own? Whether you'd like your entire home to reflect the season, or you're hosting a special event in just one room, we can help set the mood for a festive and memorable experience.

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