Fall/ Winter 2014-2015 Pantone Color Trends and Decor Guide

Store shelves are piled high with Thanksgiving and Christmas decor, and the selection seems nearly limitless. Does it give you that holiday glow that I feel, or does it send you into a conundrum? You might wonder what the outstanding trends are this year, and/or how to pull it all together. If so, look no further than Impact Interiors’ Pantone Colors Fall/Winter 2014-2015 guide. Read on for the scoop on this year’s best decor trends that you can easily use in your own home this holiday season.

Fall/ Winter 2014-2015 Pantone Color Trends

With its array of shades, this cool season color palette is decidedly un fall-like. In the fashion world, misty hues of yellow (Misted Yellow) and purple (Cognac) are sharply contrasted with bold punches of color like Aurora Red and Bright Cobalt Blue. Royal Blue and Aluminum — a cross between silver and gray — are also hotly trending colors, as are Radiant Orchid and Cypress — a muddy forest green. And, finally, ethereal Mauve Mist and Sea Fog, as well as berry-bright Sangria round out this feminine color palette.

While not all of these colors seem to have appeared in holiday decor, many shades do stand out strikingly among the traditional fare. Below, learn what they are and how to use them in your home.


Both Royal Blue and Cobalt blue appear to be popular table setting colors this fall. Look for solid colors or Mediterranean pattern dinnerware, as well as peacock feather placemats, table runners and/or ornaments. Royal blue stemware looks beautiful paired with crisp white or Aluminum colored table linens, as do Aurora Red goblets and matching table settings, which you can find in abundance this year. White, paired with Aluminum hue, also leads the pack in trending dinnerware options.



The woodsy, naturalist theme we saw last year is carried over into the 2014/2015 holiday season. The feeling it evokes is one of pure calm. Look for gold and sterling pinecones, sparkling ornaments and metallic stringed beads. Mercury glass, brass and copper accessories add sparkle to everything, as do white glittered feathers and white, golden-stitched throw pillows. Finally, to add more glitz to this glamorous season, look for metallic mirrored surfaces.


11194616386_ca3f3460c8_zWhile everything that glitters might actually be gold, it’s still wise and tasteful to add texture to a shiny decorative pallet. Create a layered rustic look with wooden branches, burlap, natural pinecones and a touch of tactile white, such as a faux fur throw or those furry white owl ornaments that are currently so popular. You might also add a faux fur tree skirt and other woodland animal ornaments to ye old tannenbaum. For the mantle, look for decorative Christmas trees or deer made of driftwood, as well as birch pillar candles and rattan accents. Throw a plush, cable knit sweater pillow onto the couch, along with velvet or sheepskin, and you’ll have a warm and welcoming abode this fall/winter.

Adding Pantone’s Fall/Winter 2014-2015 colors, as well as recent decor trends to your home is simple. Just take one or two elements from the the Tableware, Decor and Texture sections from above, and you’ll be set. What are your favorite holiday decorating trends this year? How will you use it in your home? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Photos by Didriks and Fauxto Digit

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