Featured Property – Luxury Home Staging Before and After

Amy George, owner and founder of Impact Interiors - Home Staging and Design, was called out to this home in River Place on Lake Austin.  This modern Tuscan luxury home was previously vacant for over a year before the seller decided to go with a new Real Estate Agent who immediately contacted Amy and her team to get the home professionally staged.

Although this home offered many amenities, it equally had many buyer objections.  During the property preview with the new Real Estate Agent, it was noted that the home was cold and dark.  It was clear previous potential buyers that had toured the property were overwhelmed by a lavish amount of custom cabinetry and stonework, and what appeared to be a small living space upon entry.

The Impact Interiors team went back to their warehouse to design a plan with inventory specific pieces and one-of-a-kind items that would showcase a lifestyle for this particular luxury home.  This project was called the Modern Tuscan Lake View.  Classic pieces were selected, like the cream chesterfield sofa, and natural fabrics were layered all throughout the property to create a collected and sophisticated softer feel.

When staging a home to showcase a lifestyle, it’s important to create memory points throughout the property that will stay in a potential mind.  Something that makes the buyer say, “Wow, I can really see myself living here”.  Staging and creating memory points are especially vital when selling luxury homes.  By defining spaces and softening the harshness of all the stone and woodwork throughout, Impact Interiors successfully recreated a lake-view lifestyle that had buyers making offers!

In fact, within 30 days of staging this luxury home for sale a full cash offer was made and the property was sold!  Keep in mind this property sat for well-over a year previously un-staged, with little foot-traffic AND took multiple price decreases prior to getting it staged.

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“One of the smartest Real Estate investments you can make is to Stage your Home to Sell.  Staging will always be less than your first price decrease!”  - Amy George

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