Home Staging Classes Making a Splash

Home Stagers and Realtors know home staging is a valuable and necessary element of real estate sales. So it’s pretty exciting that the Austin Board of Realtors (ABoR) has brought me on board to exclusively teach home staging classes. And I’m thrilled to say that my two courses, “Principles of Staging™” — a 1-hour MCE course — and “Staging to Sell™” are getting great responses from attendees, including these …

“Enlightening. I didn’t realize so much went into staging.”

“She was excellent. Enjoyed the before and after photos.”

“Excellent Course! Well worth my time. I truly understand the benefits to me
and my clients of collaborating with a professional stager.”

Some of the topics we cover in these home staging classes are cost vs. value of home staging, how buyers think and how staging influences them to buy. We also cover why agents shouldn’t stage, how to collaborate with a home stager and — here’s a hot topic — how Realtors can present home staging to their clients to overcome objections.

“Very well worth the time and expense. Didn’t know stagers addressed repairs and looked at things like condition.”

“Great presentation! Very useful information and advice. Looking forward to
possibly working with stagers to help sellers emotionally and mentally.”

“Amy George is the ultimate professional. Her course totally changed my view and opinion of staging. So much more to this “selling” aspect of real estate that meets the eye. Ushers in a new level of client service that can be provided by realtors.”

I had it on my list of goals for 2016, so it’s really an honor and a privilege to be accepted as an ABoR instructor. If you want to learn more about my inclusion as an ABoR instructor, head over to my Press Page, where you’ll find a recent release on the topic.

Are you a Realtor in the greater Austin area? I’d love meet you at one of my upcoming MCE classes. You can find more information about them here.

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