Home Staging Consulting

A Custom Home Staging Plan for Sellers

Our Home Staging Consultation provides an overview of the Target Home Staging process. Our Certified Home Staging Expert™ will walk through your property just like a buyer would, while gathering key information for a first impression.

Provided during the Initial Home Staging Consultation:

  • Determine and Resolve possible Buyer 'Objections'
  • Identify and Recommend Repairs and Suggest Improvements 
  • Review the Landscaping and Provide Suggestions for Improvements, Additions, or Alterations
  • Stage the Property towards its Target Buyer
  • Provide Feng Shui Remedies, Corrections and/or Color Recommendations

You’ll receive a full report that includes the areas addressed during the consultation. The end proposal is based on the amount of work needed, to gain a speedy sale with the highest dollar amount for your property.

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