How Home Staging Disguises Design Flaws

No matter how updated the home, design challenges that can turn a potential buyer off are present in every property, making professional home staging a must. In a recent Impact Interiors project, we were faced with toning down the bold feminine design choices of the previous owner. The results were extraordinary, and the home quickly sold. Here’s how we did it …

IMG_3851-fusedThe Home Staging Challenge

Bold damask-print wallpaper — in the master bedroom (pictured above) — and glittered grout in the bathroom, gave the impression that the Cardinal Lane Condo was for ladies only. If we were going to appeal to a wide range of buyers, I knew we needed to tone down the feminine flair of the property.

First and foremost, to balance the feminine design, we added masculine furniture and accessories throughout. Items that included large silver horns, broad wooden furniture with modern, clean lines, as well as metal accessories, effectively tempered the girly vibe.

Making the Master Bedroom a Retreat

Another challenge, in the master bedroom, was the placement of the TV cable wiring. The largest wall — where the bed would be best placed — was pre-wired for TV/cable components. You can spot it if you look closely, in the photos, just above the headboard. The builder, who was also the seller, expected the bed to be staged on the wall opposite the cable wiring.

In home staging, we typically position the bed — balanced on both sides — against the largest wall, as well as facing the doorway as you enter the room. On the smaller wall, the bed would have appeared to be in the corner of the room, and become too much of an afterthought for the master suite. Also, had we used a prop TV in the intended spot, the bedroom wouldn’t have given the impression of a master retreat.

Our goal for the Cardinal Lane Condo was, as always, to highlight the selling points, define spaces, and reduce any negative aspects of the home. In the end, the builder relinquished his original vision for the space, and trusted our expertise to help sell the home more quickly and for top dollar … and it paid off! An offer was received within 6 weeks of the home staging. Mission accomplished.

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