HSRA Masterminds / Industry Innovator

HSRA Masterminds / Industry Innovator

September 2017

Destination Location: Oceanside, CA

Why be part of a Mastermind?

In the early 1900s, Napoleon Hill introduced the idea of the “Mastermind Alliance” in his classic, “Think and Grow Rich.” He described this as “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.” This is a highly effective process that provides creative solutions to many challenges and problems through brainstorming, networking and accountability structures.

Using the Mastermind Alliance approach, our Home Staging and Redesign AssociationTM (HSRATM) Masterminds’ are structured to work with leading professional within our Home Staging Industry to identify key opportunities that will help determine short and long-term business objectives and results-driven solutions to meet those goals.

Each person within this Mastermind is hand selected, given time to ask key questions to the group, and problem-solve any current challenges within their business. The purpose is to create an environment that provides clarity and an understanding of what it will take to gain next level growth.

The HSRATM Masterminds’ are typically held in various locations across the country.  They are geared towards business owners who want to improve their business and who are willing to put the effort in. Industry Innovators are individuals who are serious about growing their business and who have the discipline to follow through.

I first participated in the HSRATM Mastermind event back in January this year while in Vegas.  And I was so pleased to be intellectually stimulated and conceptually challenged with the quality of people that participated.  They were really outstanding!  More importantly, I was invited back to the next Mastermind in Oceanside, CA this month.  The contributions, and the true benefits that my fellow Home Staging business owners were able to make to one another were phenomenal.  Actively participating in these type of events help to develop your own strengths.

Here’s a group picture of me (in the center) with our group of leading ladies September 2017.

If you are growing tiresome of attending other industry events, are outgrowing your peers, and want to be challenged, I would encourage you to attend.  The traveling and ability to get away is just a bonus!

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