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Game Corners Designed for the Happiness of Children

Make them happy while keeping an orderly and organized house

by: Claire Tardy, Houzz France

Your child needs a place to let his imagination, his creativity and play quietly. To avoid that it invades every nook and cranny of your home with his toys and belongings, quickly delimit this space by arranging a play area just for him. In a dedicated room, in a corner of the room or another space of the house, these amenities should inspire you.

Photo by Elms Interior Design

1. A Room Dedicated to Creativity
From the wall covered with slate paint to the puppet theater, everything in this room seems to have been designed to encourage the creativity of children. Composed of resistant materials, the large table is the ideal place to indulge in activities such as painting, salt dough and coloring.


Photo by Chango & Co.

2. A Multi-Activity Room
Pillows to rest or read a book quietly, a large table to draw or play board games, a cozy carpet to settle on the ground, all activities are possible in this space. Added to this is a joyous decoration, punctuated by multicolored stickers on the wall.



Photo by Impact Interiors

3. A Converted Attic
True haven for the little ones, this attic in Austin, Texas should make dream more than one with its playful amenities. Tipi’s in children’s rooms are at the heart of the trend and feed the imagination of the youngest. Push the concept to the end by setting up a real camp, where your children can be alone or with his friends during long afternoons of play.

Photo by Becki Peckman

4. A well organized corner
It is not always easy to keep an orderly room when it is reserved for the amusement of the little ones. In order not to make the space turn into a shambles quickly, think about organizing it . Labeled boxes and drawer blocks will be your best allies to get there.



Photo by Contemporary Kids – Houzz

5. An Enchanted Forest
The little girl who lives here has nothing to envy to Tinker Bell! Its game room is arranged like an enchanted forest thanks to the wallpaper pattern and the partition made of wooden branches, some of which are surrounded by light garlands. The latter defines a small hut where the child can take refuge to let his overflowing imagination express itself.


What do you think of these spaces of play? Do you have one for your child?

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