Pantone Spring 2016 Colors

downloadJust as the chilly, overcast days of winter have given way to bright skies and warmer days, colors of the cold have been replaced with Pantone Spring 2016 colors — bright new hues both in fashion and home goods. When it comes to home decor, you’ll find mostly simple designs that feature both courageous color statements, as well as quiet, classic and more natural tones.

Pantone Spring 2016 Colors

Pantone’s new colors feature an array of soft, calming, yet cheerful brights, such as the sea-foam dream Limpet Shell and dusty pink Rose Quartz  — which can be seen in the artwork featured below in photo C — as well as the muted orange Peach Echo, featured in photo A, below. The Pantone Spring 2016 color report reveals that prolific artists — whose work depicts bold colors, strong shapes and lines — influenced this playful pallet. These artists include Matisse (artwork shown above at right), Picasso, Frank Stella, Esther Stewart and Sam Falls. pantone-colors-spring-2016Other inspirations for this year’s Spring pallet were the contrasts of urban design (Lilac Gray featured in photo B at right) juxtaposed against the lush vegetation of spring (Green Flash, featured in artwork in photo C below). The resulting mix of hues is nostalgically reminiscent of architecture and travel. In addition, new diplomatic ties with Cuba call to mind the vibrant colors of Havana and other south of the border destinations, whose quintessential hues are prominently featured in the Spring 2016 pallet (Fiesta — shown in photo B — Buttercup — also featured in photo B  — and Snorkel Blue, featured in photo B and D). pantone-spring-2016-colorsIn stores, you’ll find a medley of these quietly cheerful colors splashed together in artwork, bedding, tableware and accessories. Do you like the accessories shown in these photos? Here’s where you can find them … Photo APottery Barn Photo BWest Elm Photo C + DZ Gallerie

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