The Power of Red – It’s Back!

The Power of Red

Do you wear red when you’re feeling confident and want to make an impression?  The color red makes me feel energized, strong and adventurous. It’s one my favorite go-to color for making a good first impression.

In Feng Shui, a red front door means “welcome”.  As the color draws you in, and it also adds some interest and defines a space and the point of entry.  In fact, it is Benjamin Moore’s expressive and bold Color of the Year – Caliente – AF 290.  Red is making a comeback, but here are some interesting facts about the Power of RED you may not have realized…

Studies show that red can have a physical effect, increasing the rate of respiration and raising blood pressure. The expression “seeing red” immediately (and in a very short time period) does make you stronger. Red indicates anger that may stem not only from the stimulus of the color but also from the natural flush (redness) of the cheeks or physical exertion.

It also turns out that athletes are more likely to be successful if they wear the color red.  A British study in 2005 stated that when they put athletes in an assortment of different colors when the athletes that wore red they played their best.

It represents power, hence the “red power tie” for business people and the red carpet for celebrities and VIP’s.

Red is hot! It’s a strong color that explores a range of emotions, as we’ve all experienced red overload during the month of February with the signature bouquets of red roses, hearts and Cupid, it signifies warmth, passion, and love.

And let’s not forget about wearing red shoes!  Dorothy had a few fellows following her lead in those powerful ruby red slippers as she lead them down the yellow brick road.  It’s no wonder why the Wicked Witch was so keen on possessing them!

Red is the hottest of warm colors.  Following are some Shades of Red from Sherwin Williams:

SW 6321 Red Bay, SW 6863 Lusty Red, SW 6865 Gypsy Red, SW 6594 Poinsettia, SW 6334 Flower Pot, SW 6869 Stop, SW 6821 Radish, SW 6871 Positive Red 


Just remember when in doubt, wear RED to help inspire you!

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