After only 4 days on the market, we accepted an offer on our home! Thank you Amy for all your help with staging our property to sell. I’m convinced it made all the difference!

Home Staging Consultation

Our Home Staging Consultation will provide an overview of the home staging process. Our Certified Home Staging Expert™ will walk through the property just like a buyer would, while gathering key information for a first impression, resolve possible buyer objections, identify repairs, and suggest improvements, based upon the area demographics and seller’s finances. The end proposal (complete with a full report) is based on the amount of work necessary, to gain a speedy sale with the highest dollar amount for your property.

Interior Redesign

We will meet with you to discuss your goals and how to best utilize your space. In just over an hour, our consultation will provide an overview of the Interior Redesign process. Our team will gather key information, identify any challenges and strive to incorporate your design personality. The end proposal (complete with a full report) will include scheduling the redesign. However, if you’re a “do it yourself” person you can opt to be left with recommendations that can be implemented on your own.

Color Consultation

Color is the foundation in every great design. Our color specialists can help set the mood of your entire home that will express your unique personality. During the consultation, our experts will select a color palette that compliments your home. In just over an hour you will have paint chips in hand for your interior or exterior.

Holiday and Special Events

Do you have a regular or seasonal holiday party and/or event you want to make fabulously stunning using what you already own? Whether you want your entire home to reflect the season or are planning a special event in just one room, we can help set the mood and flavor of the event for a memorable experience.

Shopping Services

Our team experts will create a budget and shop for furniture and/or accessories that serve as an investment in your home and future homes to come. Just by purchasing just a few simple pieces, the look of the room can drastically be transformed.

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