Spring Décor and Trends 2017

While attending the Las Vegas Furniture Market earlier this year, our team of designers were inspired by masses of fabulous designs and top trends for 2017.  We saw tons of pink infused furniture, artwork and accessories.  If you can think it, no matter how outrageous or bold, you can believe we saw it! We also noticed lots of emerald green furniture, climbing vines and botanicals along wall treatments that were all like designer eye candy — #adesignersdream.

With Spring 2017 underway it’s time to say hello to color, warmer days and brighter (not so gloomy) décor.  As a child, I grew up with a mom who loved to decorate for each and every season. You better believe with Easter right around the corner there’s an Easter Basket centerpiece on her dining room table along with a drop dead gorgeous Spring wreath on her front door to greet all of her guests.

Now I was raised in a home where interiors changed seasonally, so it’s a given that I will also be brightening my decor, but what says “Spring Decor” to you?  For me, Spring is all about new beginnings — starting with a clean palette — which then blossoms into something beautiful. So, how do you infuse what’s trending with existing décor? Infuse trending colors using select decorative items, as well as organic touches, to create a balanced and homey feel.

GREENERY - Spring Decor and Trends 2017


Don’t feel like you need to buy a new sofa or paint an entire room to freshen up your interior. Sometimes a new centerpiece is all it takes. Got a rose bush that’s blooming pink roses? Bring the outdoors in! Add one of Spring’s trending colors to an everyday vase to brighten your space.  You can also fill the bottom of the vase with colored Easter eggs for an egg-cellent centerpiece, of which Mom is sure to approve.

Throw Pillows

And speaking of not buying a whole new sofa, throw pillows are a perfect and inexpensive way to brighten some of your darker core pieces like your sofa or bedding. Use them to create a brighter and more lively space.

PALE-DOGWOOD - Spring Decor and Trends 2017

Indoor Vines

Now trending … trailing vines used as artwork! Framed vines (a.k.a living art wall) are a creative way to decorate your walls. Perfect for any blank wall, tapping into your creative expression and bringing Spring’s bounty indoors.

What are some of your favorite Spring trends this year?

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