Urban Luxury Home by Minguell-McQuary Comes to Life With Staging

Staging projects are usually focused on one thing: highlighting and/or improving a property’s appeal. The goal is to transform a space into a welcoming, attractive product that appeals to the highest number of potential buyers.

AIA Home ExteriorUrban Luxury Home

When Amy began staging the “The Art of Living Home”, the Pinnacle of Modern Luxury in East Austin, a Minguell-McQuary, AIA home on E. 12th St., it was clear the contemporary space would showcase well with a curated design approach. The sleek and minimal design provided a dreamy space for the modern, high-end urban dweller. In fact, Impact Interiors CEO Amy George says she approached the stage design with a gallery style in mind, rather than that of a traditional home.

“This was not a typical design,” George said. “The amazing features of the home needed to be highlighted. Therefore, when we were hired to stage the lower level only, we decided to go with a gallery feel to not take away from the uniqueness of the property.”

Artistic Eye

George says she and her team often take color cues from the black splash or granite in a home, but with so many of these modern designs — and dozens of shades of gray — the inspiration for this modern staging came from the works of local artist Roi James.

His conceptual, abstract pieces act as focal points within each room. The abstract nature of James’s art pairs well with the white oak, concrete and glass elements of Minguell-McQuary’s architectural design. The color palette is minimal and focused, but pops among the white and matte-black interior architecture.

Gallery Art at AIA Home by local artist Roi James“When I was initially invited to show my work I was ambivalent until I walked into the home itself and saw the space (the architects) had created,” James said. “I immediately felt we had a mutual love for contemporary space, design, art and physical beauty. The way energy and light flowed through the space was inspiring to me, so much so that the centerpiece painting in the living area of the home was painted specifically to fill that space.”

In fact, James’s work often focuses on the flow of energy. His pieces are described as meditative, transcendent and even mystical.

Versatility in Design

With a contemporary, open floor plan and custom hardware elements, this is the space of design-savvy downtowners’ dreams. From the outside, the design is described as “floating living,” since the structure appears to float. Once inside, the space is light, flowy and feels like it could be customized to many different buyers.

“We purposely envisioned a variety of scenarios for the inhabitants for the house, which translates into a very flexible plan,” said José Minguell and Laura McQuary, the AIA architects behind the design. “A single person, a couple or a small family can feel comfortable in this house. That said, we envisioned people who are aligned with today’s Austin, urban lifestyle. The house offers both privacy and strong connection to the exterior urban context.”

All About Lifestyle

From start to finish, this luxury home was created with the mood of Austin in mind. It was highly personalized for the mobile, downtown Austinite with easy access to the rail and a bikeable distance from most major parts of central Austin. Lifestyle was the focus — down to the finer details of the staging for the open house.

The Impact Interiors team created custom centerpieces with live succulents for the center of the dining table. And, in a strategically thoughtful touch, gluten-free suds from Omission Beer were featured in the kitchen island’s self-service drink trough. So, what’s the best way to describe the ideal dweller for this modern, minimal dream?

“#UrbanAustinite.” George says. “I definitely see this home appealing to someone that is looking for a lifestyle that is uniquely Austin, close to downtown and in bike-friendly neighborhood.”

Describing the target consumer with a hashtag totally makes sense in this case. Besides, every inch of the house is Instagrammable.

AIA Home Dining

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