Vern Yip in Houston at DCH for the Spring Market 2018

If you are a HGTV fan then you know one of THE most recognizable designers of today is Mr. Vern Yip.  He was the opening keynote speaker at the Decorative Center Houston (DCH) Spring Market 2018 on April 26th.  And by the way, if you haven’t heard TLC’s Trading Spaces is back on air then get ready to set the DVR.  Vern, along with seasoned pros and a new generation of designers, is one of the most popular designers from the original run of the TLC show.  Fans, myself included, remember him as the designer who delivered the BEST rooms.  Home owners always knew if they ended up with Vern he’d give his utmost attention to their wishes and deliver a beautiful yet cost effective space.

Vern delivered a great presentation at the DCH Spring Market, “A Conversation with Vern Yip – Today’s Best Color and Pattern Trends”.  He mentioned that warm gray is a universal acceptor, and yes, you can expect it to stick around for a while longer.  Here are a few insights from Vern on color trends:

Color Trends:

  1. Black / Charcoal / Grey
  2. Warm Orange
  3. Emerald / Kelly / Olive
  4. Citrine / Gold
  5. Purple Lilac
  6. Blush / Millennial Pink

Pattern Trends:

  1. Birds
  2. Chinoiserie
  3. Large Florals
  4. The Geometric Trellis

Vern spoke on his book and shared some incredible stories of his childhood with his mother being his greatest inspiration.  During the Q&A he was asked about his approach when designing a room. Vern said, he begins with the space plan and the functionality of lighting.  “Great design has the ability to change everybody’s Life.  It should be both functional and beautiful and there has to be a confluence of those two elements.”  Great words from a great designer.

He is so personable and just as great in person as he is on TV.  I did indeed, have the pleasure of meeting him after the presentation during his booking signing Design Wise: Your Smart Guide to a Beautiful Home; which is an amazing book filled with insider tips, design formulas, processes and inspiration.  I also had a nice little conversation with his hubby, Craig Koch, about their summer travels while Vern was signing away.

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