We’ve Moved! Home Staging Warehouse Opens Soon

Home Staging WarehouseThe home staging industry is growing and changing quickly, and our business is no exception. With the tremendous growth the Austin housing market has experienced, it was really no surprise that Impact Interiors would grow with the industry. Once we began acquiring commercial accounts, we knew our days of working out of a storage facility were numbered. That’s why we’re excited to report that we’ve recently moved into a warehouse and office space, which is a HUGE benefit, not only to our team, but to our clients as well.

Having a warehouse facility allows us to streamline the inbound and outbound process of our staging items and receive furniture, artwork and accessories on a daily basis. Unlike other home staging businesses, we don’t rent our furniture from a third party. So when a client needs our staging services they can get it immediately.

Prior to our decision to build a warehouse, Impact Interiors had a total of up to eight storage units. Oftentimes we had to resort to using my personal home and garage for overflow. It has been incredible to have everything under one roof. With the larger space we have been able to simplify our design process. All of our inventory is readily accessible, which allows us to have a more efficient turnaround when it comes to installing our home staging designs into properties.

The team is absolutely thrilled! Not only do we have everything readily available, but we have air conditioning and we even have our very own bathroom. Talk about moving on up! Despite it being a bit hectic at times with new inventory, shifting processes and staff, it feels fantastic … like all of the hard work and perseverance over the years has paid off, and I often wonder how my team and I got by for so many years working out of a foot locker. And I’d like to give a “Big Shout Out” to our ah-ma-zing Realtor, Jonathan Stilley, for finding us our wonderful new home away from home!

The Impact Interiors team and I plan to host a soft opening at the warehouse sometime in May, when we’ll invite Realtors to visit and tour our facilities. In addition, our furniture typically has a one-to-two year lifespan. As such, we typically have a warehouse sale once a year, which will be another fantastic opportunity for people to tour the space and see how we work behind the scenes.

– Amy

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