How Yin-Yang Imbalance Can Keep a Home From Selling

Feng Shui home stagingHave you ever been in a room that didn't feel good to be in but you couldn't figure out what was wrong? Chances are the Yin/Yang components were out of balance.

In Feng Shui, Yin is passive energy and Yang is active energy. They represent feminine and masculine characteristics of a home. Having more of one over the other creates an imbalance. The presence and interaction of both nourish each other. So, you’ll need to determine the use of the space and incorporate a balance of the Yin and Yang qualities that are appropriate to provide vibrant energy.

Yin is soft. It’s represented in the textiles with pillows, the rugs, ornate chairs, the ambient lighting and glass elements throughout.

Yang is sharp. And it’s represented with, for example, the sleek profile of a sofa as well as hardwood or straight lines of a coffee table.  

As you can imagine, taste specific design choices, such as damask wallpaper or a wooden wall with a modernist interior, can give the impression that a home is just for women or just for men. These are issues that you as a home stager or real estate professional must be educated in. Knowing how to balance Yin/Yang energy puts everyone at ease in a space, therefore appealing to more buyers.

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